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Fresh, homemade, local food for Oahu's dogs

Why feed fresh? January 31, 2013


You may find yourself asking, “Why does my dog need homemade food?  I buy him the best dog food I can find!”  Commercial dog food has come a long way in recent years; often containing organic ingredients and specialized recipes including grain-free, hypoallergenic, and age- or breed-specific options.  However, commercial dog food still presents some challenges.  Consider this:

  • The vast majority of commercial dog food is still made from low-quality ingredients formulated out-of-balance with a dog’s natural diet.
  • Sometimes, these ingredients are sourced from other countries, where they may not be regulated or checked for quality.
  • Dry dog food is usually cooked at very high temperatures in a method called “extrusion.”  This technique denatures and destroys all the good things about food!  Vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and even some proteins are no longer good for your pup after being cooked in this way.
  • Since dog food is preserved to have a long shelf life, mold spores often have time to grow in the dry food and produce cancer-causing toxins.
  • Feeding the same commercial dog food every day means that your dog’s body isn’t getting any variety.  Switching up the proteins, starches, and veggies in your dog food will help your dog get the full spectrum of nutrients for optimal health.

Now, consider the alternative. Dogs evolved eating high-quality nutrients in the forms of animals, plants, and the microorganisms and soil that came along with their other food.  Fresh food diets have been shown to improve health conditions including arthritis, seizures, skin problems, and even cancer in dogs.

We make BowWow Kaukau right here on Oahu, in our own kitchen.  We buy our beef from local farms, where the cows are grass-fed and never treated with antibiotics or hormones.  We purchase other meats from local farmers and hunters, and our veggies are all local and fresh.  You already know that fresh, local, whole foods are best for you.  Why not feed them to your dog too?