bow wow kaukau

Fresh, homemade, local food for Oahu's dogs

Who are we? January 31, 2013

BowWow Kaukau was founded by owner Michele Bane, a biologist who has professionally worked with animals since 2000; and spokesdog and CPL (Chief Pot Licker) Diogi, her trusty golden retriever/ German shepherd mix. They lived in Hawaii from 2005-2013, and worked with holistic veterinarians Robin Woodley (Big Island) and Ihor Basko (Kauai).  Michele started making BowWow Kaukau’s recipes at home for Diogi in 2009, and shared them with all of Kauai in 2013, delivering the good stuff all over the island. 

Michele and Diogi moved around a lot after that! They lived in South Carolina, Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin before Diogi crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2017. As his adventurous life came to a close, it seemed that BowWow Kaukau had as well. Then, in 2020, Michele returned to the Hawaiian Islands and adopted a new spokesdog, Sunny Banjo! They’re enjoying making (and eating) homemade dog food so much that they can’t wait to share it with all of Oahu!

Michele has taken care of all kinds of animals; including dolphins, seals, polar bears, sharks, goats, donkeys, chickens, tropical birds, invertebrates, and lots of dogs! She has prepared diets, trained behaviors, facilitated exercise, created enrichment, and handled all sorts of emergencies.

We’d love to help you take even better care of your best friend – give us a call for your dog sitting, walking, adventuring, nutrition, and training needs!