bow wow kaukau

Fresh, homemade, local food for Oahu's dogs

Ordering January 31, 2013


BowWow Kaukau is just getting started on Oahu.   The best way to place an order right now is to call Michele at 808-861-7207.  We’ll discuss your preferred ingredients and recipes.  We are willing to work with your dog’s sensitivities or allergies– we’ll even deliver to your home!

Remember, you can also call us for these other great services:

  • Nutrition consultation (how to cook for your dog at home)
  • Training consultation (tips for shaping behavior with positive reinforcement)
  • In-home pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Dog adventures (hikes, swimming, all-day play)
  • Natural dog products (purchase chemical-free shampoos and flea sprays, or learn to make your own)